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Honest Hair Talk x Tropic Isle Living

June 13, 2017

All products: c/o Tropic Isle Living

Original Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Rosemary Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Khus Khus Body Butter

Lemon Grass Mint Shower Gel

The team at Tropic Isle Living were thoughtful enough to give my readers a 25% off on all online purchases, just use the code BEAUTY at check out. 

This blog post was sponsored by Tropic Isle Living; however all opinions are 100% honest and all mine. 

It feels surreal to look back and think of the day I made a hasty decision, to start this blog and began a new journey. Reflecting upon the past gives you a broader perspective of certain occurrences, events and situations that were a part of your life. Most amazing experiences in life are often the ones that take you by surprise, because you never imagined or placed them on your big vision board.

Today as I write this, I’m reminded of the day I published my first post almost 2 years ago, in August 2015.  That post was a genuine review of Tropic Isle Living’s hair oil and today here I am, doing the exact same thing but this time in collaboration with them. This 2 year blogging journey sure has been an exciting-bumpy ride but when opportunities like this come your way, you feel so grateful. Btw don’t try snooping around for that post, it’s well hidden in my archives, because it’s better to keep that under wraps than hide my face out of sheer embarrassment #firstpostfiasco!

This post is very special to me as I got an opportunity to work with the brand that I’ve been personally using, loving & recommending to everybody that has asked me for any hair care advise, for over 2 years now. A product that works like magic; which has managed to replace a lot of bottles on my bath shelf and continues to deliver beyond expectations. My personal journey with Tropic Isle Living began 2.5 years ago, when I moved from India to the United States. The stress that came along with the big move, the overhelming emotions, the anxiety and all the added tension from looking for a new house to setting it up, had completely taken over me.

Obviously the mental strain didn’t go down well with my mind/body and it had to show up in some form. I soon began noticing chunks of hair in my comb, on the floor, in my bathroom drain and that sight was nothing short of scary. This definitely elevated the stress for me and thus began my hair fall journey. I started frantically looking out for instant solutions on the internet to stop my hair fall. I tried several things from home remedies to expensive shampoos and conditioners, but unfortunately nothing worked.

One fine day, I stumbled upon Tropic Isle Living’s Jamaican black castor oil on a website; that advertised it as an effective solution for hair fall. Obviously by then I was tired of trying out new products, that promised a hundred things but never came out clean. This oil was very inexpensive and because I was left with no other choice, I decided to give it a go. Thank god for that day and that purchase, I’ve never looked back.

About Tropic Isle living

TIL was first launched in the year 1992 with a vision to bring Jamaican herbs and herbal products into the market, that were used for generations with benefits for hair, skin and body. It’s inspiring that TIL has been around for 25 years, specializing in making all natural skin and hair products from the oils, herbs and berries found in Jamaica. What is most amusing and admirable about TIL is that their products are not mass produced. They believe in preserving the natural magnetism of the products by making them the old fashioned, traditional and hand processed way. 

TIL’s JBCO line of hair products are great for healthier, longer and stronger hair. Their aroma therapeutic bath and body line too is amazing and helps a great deal in relaxing/calming the mind.

*So TIL sent me two bottles of their famous Jamaican black castor oil with lavender and rosemary oil. A Khus Khus body butter and a lemon grass body wash gel. I’ve reviewed each product separately with it’s pros and cons, I hope this helps.

Lavender and Rosemary JBCO $8.99 

JBCO comes with different infusions to the original formula, that is unscented and contains the strong natural smell of castor seeds. The only drawback I’d say is the smell (as there’s no artificial fragrance added) that may be a put off for some people, but hey if you want amazing hair then you have to get used to it. If the smell is a deal breaker for you then you can try their Lavender or Rosemary JBCO, these two definitely smell better than the original unscented one and also have multiple uses.

Hair Care

Jamaican Black Castor Oil treatment 

TIL’s Jamaican black castor oil is a 100% natural, hand processed from pure wild crafted and organic castor seeds. This castor oil is a base for most of TIL’s bath and body line and it has multiple uses, hair & skin being the major ones. JBCO stimulates hair growth, stops hair fall (loss) & greying, hydrates the scalp and adds a natural shine to your hair. JBCO can be used for skin and hair scalp massages as a hot oil treatment, it’s also very helpful on aches and relieving muscle pain.

How to use:

This is how I typically use JBCO treatment for my hair, you can experiment and come up with a routine that suits your hair type. I suggest using this treatment for 2-3 times a week, especially if you have a problematic scalp, hair fall or want to grow your hair longer in a short span.

  • Remember, JBCO is extremely thick unlike other oils that are thin and runny. For this reason I typically mix one tbsp of coconut oil with 2 tbsp of castor oil and warm the mixture. Remember to not overheat, just warm it up for 10 seconds or less.
  • In my experience using a cotton ball to apply this mixture to your scalp works best, as the oil is sticky. Massage this mixture well for 10-15 minutes and just be mindful of the amount of product you use.
  • JBCO is not like your typical oil (texture wise) that can be rinsed off easily. So remember to not be heavy handed, a little oil goes a long way.
  • This oil is extremely thick and sticky so you want to make sure that you apply it well only on the scalp. It’s best suited for the scalp and does most of it’s work through it.
  • Be sure to massage well and leave this mask on for a minimum of 2 hours or overnight for best results.
  • Wash your hair with a normal shampoo, making sure you take time to rinse off the oil properly. The consistency of the oil can make it difficult, so be sure to shampoo well.

Does it work?


Pardon me for being extra dramatic here, but there is not a single product like this one, that has actually worked on my hair from the word go! I first began using this oil treatment 2 years ago, when my hair fall became worse and I lost my sleep over it. This oil literally restored my sleep and health in a short span of time.

Since the time I incorporated this oil in my regimen, I began noticing new sprouts of hair on my scalp in less than 2 weeks. My hair became shinier, fuller and had a noticeable upshift in volume! I didn’t feel the need to blow dry or use any volumizing spray, to make my hair look healthy and fuller. My hair grew faster than normal, which was very evident from the length of my hair that had drastically increased.

If you still have doubts about whether or not this would work for you or suit your hair type, then worry not. This oil treatment works amazingly well on all hair types. Although it is more beneficial for someone with fine-thin hair, it is recommended as a conditioner for coarse hair too.

Although the main focus of this post was hair and the amazing oil that I had been using for over 2 years. I recently also learnt that TIL has a refreshing bath and body line too. So, I decided to try them and see if they’re as good as their hair care counterparts.

Skin Care 

Khus Khus body butter $8.99

Tropic Isle Living definitely designed this rich body butter, keeping in mind the dry days when your skin absolutely gives up on you. This Khus Khus body butter is really moisturizing and melts as you apply blending easily into your skin. It doesn’t have a strong disregarding scent and smells a lot like rich cocoa butter, which is kind of pleasant. I find it most useful after a nightly shower to lock in the moisture on your skin.

This body butter  has a very thick consistency, so I’d suggest you use it when you’re planning to stay indoors. A little goes a long way, just scoop out a coin size on your finger and it’ll work for the whole body. It has a therapeutic smell and is amazing for nourishing/protecting the skin. If you do not have dry skin, I’d suggest you stay away from this one.


Lemon Grass Mint Shower Gel $10.99

This shower gel is perfect for summers because of it’s strong lemony-minty scent, that is great for deodorizing the skin. It also soothes your nerves through a calm bathing experience and leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. I love using this after a sweaty workout or a long day to help me with any tiredness/achy muscles.

The scent definitely lingers on for a long time after I am done showering. The gel has a decent consistency and a small dime size of product goes a long way. It doesn’t lather as much as the other shower gels yet I feel extremely refreshed after the shower!

Price point

All products of TIL are very reasonably priced (mostly everything is below $15) and for the quality it is a must have in your hair and skin care routine.

If you’re interested in going all natural-organic way, then this line of hair-skin care is best suited for you.

I suggest you check their website out, they have a tonne of information on all their processes and products. They also have specific information on the benefits of each product to help make your purchasing decisions easier. For all the readers that don’t live in the United States, you can order off of their website because they ship internationally too! Indian readers can shop their limited collection on

I hope you enjoyed reading the post and found it helpful. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day.

Product Photography: Swati Dixit 

Portrait Photography: Nikhil Adke

Concept & Editing: Swati Dixit



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  • Reply Jasmine Gundam June 13, 2017 at 11:39 am

    How do I get it in India? 😏 You’ve spoken about it so well, that now I want that magic potion to grow my hair out of the pixie! Why you so good?!

    • Reply Swati Dixit June 13, 2017 at 11:50 am

      Haha.. Jasmine, you MUST get it! It literally is my holy grail! 😀 I’ve mentioned the link towards the end for amazon purchase or order on their site they ship internationally!

  • Reply Roop (sher_ried) June 14, 2017 at 11:28 am

    I need these, you make them sound so good.
    Do they ship to India? If not, bring me some of these during your next visit 🙈
    Btw you have gorgeous gorgeous hair…and I love all the pictures.
    Enjoyed reading this beautifully and elaborately written review Swati, and so tempted to look for that first blogpost too. 😂
    Cause I don’t think it’s as bad as you make it sound. Your writing is beautiful!

  • Reply Chayani June 14, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    Hey Swati , you really writes so beautifully! I just loved thoroughly your post. And indeed you have beautiful hair . Have a great week ahead !

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