An Evening with Tropic Isle Living

June 30, 2017

This post has been sponsored by Tropic Isle Living. All opinions here, however, are my own. 

I recently published a detailed post on Tropic Isle Living’s famous Jamaican Black Castor Oil, if you haven’t read it then click here. So, when TIL asked me to host their exclusive blogger event with one another blogger (Lauren Elyce), I was super thrilled and so humbled! I’ve been an ardent fan of their products for more than two years now, i.e even before this blog had seen the daylight! TIL is not just another commercial brand surviving for profits, they’re are an extremely honest company run by a magnetic lady Mrs. Lois Hines.

The blogger event took place on 26th Of June, 2017 at Purple Door Salon, Atlanta and was organized by the peeps at Firebee, a big shoutout to them! The event accommodated over 15 bloggers from the Atlanta area and brought together a mix of interesting ethnicities under one roof. It was amazing to see such varied faces-carrying different experiences within them, bonding and having a good time together.

The event had flowing rum punch served in cute pineapple cups, yummy Jamaican eateries (the plantains were soo good) and in addition to this, amazing services like blow outs, relaxing hand, neck and head massages with the calming/fragrant products of TIL! So not only were we just invited for the event- we also got the chance to enjoy the excellent services from professional massage therapists- exactly why I love TIL, they always go above and beyond!

As the event began we were warmly greeted by the TIL team and introduced to Mrs.Lois Hines- the co founder of TIL. She gave us a quick insight into her life as a kid in Jamaica and how the company Tropic Isle Living actually came into existence. It was started by her late husband Mr.Michael Hines as a means to make castor oil known to the world, for it’s magical benefits on body and mind. Mrs. Hines shared how TIL was started with a vision to carry forward the deeply rooted traditions, passed on by our forefathers for generations. This definitely struck a chord with me- coming from a land with an ocean of traditions that are passed on, I knew the importance of keeping them alive. Her words couldn’t be truer- as she spoke about losing her husband to cancer and how this company was his dream that she is now taking forward- I couldn’t help but feel inspired.

I think everybody present there would agree that she owned the room with her talk- her experiences and profound knowledge of life was very evident in her words. There are many things Mrs. Hines shared that stayed with me, but something that touched me the most was the art of- uplifting one another. In today’s world, we’re all so competitive and desperate to get ahead of the race that we hesitate to share our learnings with others. We’re afraid that if we do, they may get ahead, pass or take over us and with that fear we never care to share our knowledge, experiences and lessons. Mrs. Hines stressed on the fact that sharing what you’ve learnt in your journey will only make you wiser and ‘what is yours will always be yours’. These lines were the biggest take away for me – what you deserve will always come to you and no one can take that away! Her talk was so inspiring to say the least, every one in the room was in awe of her personality and her aura that carried positivity.

It’s comforting to know that there are companies like TIL that give utmost importance to honesty and on keeping their products unadulterated. These ideologies are what really sets TIL apart form the others and I’m so proud to be associated with them in some way. As the event progressed we were treated with relaxing hand and neck massages, along with yummy bites and rum punch, what else can one ask for on a Monday evening? We clicked a tonne of pictures, laughed and spoke incessantly about our different cultures, our blogging journeys AND bollywood movies (yes, that’s a hit among so many ethnicities, mind=blown) not kidding! As the night closed down and the goodbyes began, we were all sent away with an amazing goodie bag that contained the best products of TIL. My new favorite definitely is the heavenly smelling hibiscus salt scrub, it legit smells like summer in a box.

A special thanks to the sweetest team at TIL, and a big congratulations to them on successfully completing 25 years! Keep spreading the positivity and inspiring us (and other brands) through your honest ideology! A big thank you to the team at FireBee, who really stood the ground and organized such an amazing evening for us. Also, a huge thank you to all the bloggers that took the time out and made it to the event, it was great meeting all of you.

I have shared a few pictures of the event below, enjoy!

Photography: Michael Overton

Location: Purple Door Salon



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  • Reply MrsSaripalli June 30, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    hey, pictures look magical. I am sure you had fun. I have seen some on ur insta feed but reading whole lot about them here is great.
    enjoy and keep posting more blogs.


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