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February 2, 2018

Well, hello there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been away for a bit too long this time around, but the good news is that I’m back- yay! I hope you’ve all been in good spirits and had a great start to the year!


Since the time I started reading about fair trade, I’ve always wondered about ways to bridge the gap between local artisans and the marketplace. So, in my quest I came across various marketplaces that promote goods made by artisans from around the world.

GlobeIn, is one such fantastic place in the virtual space making dreams of artisans from remote parts of the world, come true! GlobeIn carries a monthly subscription box which contains beautiful handmade pieces, that are sourced locally by the artisan communities.


T H E  S T O R Y

“We deliver joy by empowering and connecting remarkable, remote artisans to mindful customers.” 

The creators, Liza Moiseeva and Vladimir Ermakov swear by that statement for their social business, that delivers as promised. The creators of this marketplace saw the huge disconnect between small businesses in remote regions and the global audience aka their potential customers. They realized that this gap needed to be bridged, by bringing together a team that cared-respected the artisans, their communities and most importantly their craft.

GlobeIn’s model was to not only simplify the process, of delivering locally sourced handmade goods to the global consumers. It was also about making sure that artisans get a fair deal/price for their products and close it the right way.

G L O B E I N | A R T I S A N  B O X

A  M O N T H L Y  S U B S C R I P T I O N

The monthly subscription artisan box features exclusive, handmade products from global artisans and one can choose from the various themes they carry. Every box is curated around a theme to bring in exciting products that make you feel well travelled and connected with distant cultures around the world. The products can range from anything between fashion, jewelry, household accessories, kitchen add ons and more things that you most certainly will use.

I’ve seen and heard of so many monthly subscription boxes, but there’s nothing like this one. It’s exciting to be surprised each month with handmade goods, coming to you from just about anywhere in the world.

“The GlobeIn Artisan Box, let’s you travel from the comfort of your home through artisan-made products from around the globe.”

Tea-Time Box

When GlobeIn sent me their Tea-Time box, I almost felt like they knew about my crazy obsession with tea and decided to send me just that. Every subscription box comes in with a detailed pamphlet telling you about every product, who you’re supporting, where, and how it was made. Surprisingly, most products in this box were made in India and it most definitely made me squeal with happiness.

It was heart warming to see the products that were probably made in a small village of India (where internet is non-existent) reach the global audience. Such is the power of our choice, this is why I always say- when you invest in a product make sure it’s building someone in return.

Check out their other subscription boxes here.

What I received-

  • Teacup & Saucer from India | This is one cute pair of ceramic cup and saucer, it’s my new favorite cup to drink tea in and the fact that it’s from India makes it all the more special.

  • Hand Stamped Tea Towel from India | Made by women-led, Karur based weaving collective set out to create job ooportunities for local weavers- especially women, and especially in a humane fashion. It’s such a pretty towel that’s also multi-purposeful, use it to dry things, handle hot things or even line your picnic basket with it- it’ll fit right in.

  • Rosewood Wooden Tea Storage Box from India | This is my most favorite item in the box, hand-carved wooden box thats not only gorgeous but very sturdy and of great quality too. Made by Zulfiquar, a master carver in northern India, who’s act of bringing beauty to others is able to provide for his family. This can be used to store loose tea bags or any small item for that matter, like small pieces of jewelry even.

  • Loose Leaf Pyramid Green Tea from Sri Lanka | This organic green tea comes all the way from Sri lanka. Grown in harmony by small holders who’re not exploited or displaced from their land under the umbrella of SOFA-small organic farmers’ association. If you’re a green tea lover, then you’ll love this!

W H Y  S U P P O R T  G L O B E I N  ?

“We’re helping people escape poverty with fair trade subscription boxes.” 

Liza Moiseeva, Co-founder, GlobeIn.

  1. GlobeIn empowers remarkable artisans in remote villages from different parts of the world with tools and guidance to build a sustainable business.
  2. They feature products that are directly sourced from the artisans and vetted partner organizations.
  3. They carry a range of handmade products from Mexican woven baskets to Ghanian coasters, and each product is remarkably distinct.
  4. They’re a team of thoroughly dedicated individuals who support artisans from developing countries, where after agriculture, artisan goods are the second largest source of employment.
  5. GlobeIn helps us (customers) discover amazing goods in distant places from the comfort of our homes. Each box helps us in understanding and learning about other makers, their crafts and culture!
  6. GlobeIn not only bridges the gap between artisans and the global audience easily but also helps the artisans to preserve their art and cultural heritage.

So, by supporting GlobeIn you’re helping reduce poverty by giving these artisans and their communities a global audience.


T H E  I M P A C T

By subscribing to the GlobeIn artisan box, you’re making an impact. Every curated box has made an impact on the lives of many artisans and their communities. For example, their famous Cozy box has helped employ 85000 farmers in Ghana. Provided 840 hours of flexible employment for 12 artisans in Thailand and provided full year employment to six workers. Read about the impact in detail here.

Are you ready to support some amazing artisans and start receiving beautifully curated boxes? Then shop here. You can also follow GlobeIn on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

This post has been sponsored by GlobeIn. All opinions here, however, are honest and my own.

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