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May 16, 2018

Situated on the sublime little Vagator Beach of Goa, India, is the No Nasties office, warehouse and their area to ideate, create and celebrate. Nestled along the warm-beautiful coastline surrounded by thick groves of swaying coconut palms, with stunning views of sunrise accompanied by the calming echoes of waves hitting the rocky beach- this No Nasties office makes for a perfect ‘working holiday’ space!

Although it sounds like a lot of fun, No Nasties has been busy getting their hands dirty and doing some amazing work in the ethical-sustainable fashion space.

Today, let’s unravel the story of a brand that walks the talk in every sense of the word.

N O  N A S T I E S


No Nasties established in 2011, is India’s first certified organic and fair-trade clothing brand. It was founded at the time when words such as conscious consumerism, ethical fashion, fair trade etc weren’t the buzz terms they’re today. So, as a new start up their main aim was to create a consumer-driven ethical fashion movement, by creating a fair-trade clothing brand that people love and relate to.

No Nasties, was founded about 7 years ago by Apurva Kothari- a techie turned social entrepreneur who by the way is also a pun(dit) aka the official pun generator of this brand. You can’t afford to miss their quirky f(p)un ways of communicating every little detail, right from their website to naming their collections and even down to their instruction labels on clothes- it’s all too punny!

I had a chance to speak with Apurva almost a year ago, and I loved how approachable, open and honest he was about his work. An intelligent, passionate and empathetic individual with a witty sense of humor is how I’d like to describe him.

Apurva along with his wife Shweta Deliwala, who also happens to be the in-house designer of No Nasties, make one hell of a team. They both have their heart set on making a difference by integrating a social dimension into the supply chain- paving the way by always reserving the purpose above profits.

N O  N A S T I E S

T H E  S T O R Y

No Nasties was founded almost seven years ago when Apurva Kothari, a software engineer (then) decided to quit and relocate from NYC to India.

What urged him to take a huge step like this?

Apurva was appalled by the rising number of farmer suicides in India, and knew that things weren’t going to get better anytime soon. It was very disturbing for him to learn about this situation and ignore it easily, so he decided to do something about it.

He soon realized that his 12 year long career in technology wasn’t fueling his need to live a more purposeful life, this search led him back to his homeland- India.

On returning to India and spending time in understanding the farmer crisis, Apurva found a solution in organic and fair-trade farming practices. He also realized that even though there was enough work being done on the grassroots level, the consumer involvement was missing. As an answer to the ongoing crisis and as a viable alternative to match the consumer’s lifestyle, fashion and design sensibilities- No Nasties was born!

In search of Jus-tees

No Nasties started off as a t-shirt brand, they made fair-trade certified tees with quirky prints for men and women. Today, No Nasties has grown into a wholesome fashion brand, housing pieces (with varied designs and styles) for both men-women and has now entered the kids space too. Even though this brand has witnessed a multifold growth in every aspect of their business, their mission has always been the same. In their words;

“Starting from seed up, a No Nasties t-shirt is a labour of love- love for the planet and for fellow beings. Grown from organic seeds sans genetic modification on farms where synthetic pesticides have no room, by hands that haven’t been stretched too thin, and processed at a factory that is governed by fair trade norms, a No Nasties t- shirt is our way of showing the love.”

Source : No Nasties

N O  N A S T I E S

T H E  P R O C E S S

No Nasties is very different from a lot of other brands mainly because of the importance they place on every process along the supply chain. Right from how the cotton is grown to packaging of the final garment, every step is well thought out and in sync with ethical-sustainable norms. No Nasties also believes in being fully transparent and their website has all the necessary information regarding their supply chain.

// No Nasties uses 100% organic cotton certified by GOTS, they work with Chetna Organic- a farmer owned organic fair trade cotton co-operative based in Hyderabad.

// They’re also 100% fair trade certified which means they use fair trade certified cotton and also work with factories that employ fair labour practices.

// Fair trade producer groups not only protect farmers rights but also ensure fair prices to the cotton producers, long-term relationships with buyers and an overall growth of the community for healthy-happy life of the farmers and their families.

// No Nasties works with Rajlakshmi mills based in Kolkata- a fair trade certified factory that employs strict labour laws and use of ethical and sustainable standards like no price exploitation, no child labour, no discrimination and no wage disparity between men and women.

// No Nasties places high importance on the use of environmentally and socially conscious practices. So a big no to pesticides while growing cotton, no chemicals while dyeing or printing, no plastics in packaging, no GMO’s, no high interest farmer loans and no suicides! #saynotonasties

// From the start No nasties has used eco friendly packaging, from cardboard pizza boxes to muslin cloth wraps- all of them have been 100% bio-degradable. But they also wanted to make their packaging a reusable option for their buyers, so they now use cotton cloth bags- an appealing and affordable alternative.

Honestly I love their packaging, the cloth bags are super sturdy and I now use them to store shoes or other small items while traveling. #reusetoreduce

T H E  N O  N A S T I E S  C L O S E T

No Nasties is an ethical-sustainable clothing brand that believes in minimalism and this reflects in their styles and designs. Shweta Deliwala, the designer often takes inspiration from nature- I’m sure living in Goa must be a blessing for her creative senses.

She is said to have incorporated the surroundings into her pieces, like palm tress, the earthy tones, and the weather definitely compels her to put comfort above everything else. Which is true, because their anti-fit dresses are such a blessing especially for Indian summers!

No Nasties don’t create ‘trendy’ seasonal pieces as they believe in slow fashion and capsule closet functionality. They work towards creating timeless classic pieces that would stay relevant throughout (and over) the year(s). Their design and color palettes always stay neutral and classic, so that they blend into every season of the year.

Personally I feel like their silhouettes display distinctive design components like anti fit drapes, uneven hem lines, effortless, casual and fuss free styles. Also, something to remember is that most of their pieces are made from surplus, unused and up cycled fabrics. Which means limited quantities in each style that sell out fast and not likely to come back once sold!


The cat is finally out of the bag!

No Nasties released their new #ninelives collection a few weeks ago and I got a chance to wear their cheshire swing dress. It truly was one of my favorite dresses- the deep green color, exaggerated voluminous silhouette and the deep U neckline at the back really added a wonderful touch.

Cheshire is simple, elegant, comfortable and oh-so roomy. Now I know what I’ll be wearing to my Sunday -all you can eat- brunches!

So what are you waiting for? Go get your own cheshire dress, because it’s purr-fect!


No Nasties completed 7 years of being in this space on 16th April, 2018 and they decided to give back by doing something incredible, yet again. To acknowledge their 7 year long journey of being an e-commerce business with an ecological footprint, they are planting 2556 trees in a rural area in Odisha! That’s 1 tree for everyday of their past 7 years.

Even though their processes are as sustainable as possible, they still have an eco-footprint and to give back to the planet they’ll now also plant a tree for every purchase! They are calling this their #inventree program, now isn’t that so in(tree)sting?

Read more about this initiative here.


No Nasties urges each of you to vote with your wallet by supporting brands that are working towards building communities and creating a healthier planet. Every time you make a purchase you’re voting to see more of something, so be mindful because your choice matters.

This post has been sponsored by No Nasties. All opinions here, however, are honest and my own.

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