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May 16, 2017

Featured Brand: Brass Tacks

When I started out with this fashion blog, little did I know of the things I’d learn in the process and the crucial topics I’d stumble upon. Fashion is very subjective and it can mean various things to different people. Only recently did I actually stop to think about my fashion choices and endorsements, that was long overdue. I was disappointed to realize how ignorant I had been and this definitely opened my eyes to the ‘not so pretty’ side of fashion. It has completely changed the way I look at clothes, fashion and this industry as a whole. I have come to understand the catastrophic consequences of ‘fast fashion’, a concept we all endorse knowingly or unknowingly. Once I was sure that sustainable-ethical fashion is the only way forward, I consciously made an effort to amend my fashion decisions accordingly.

Although we may feel instantly gratified/happy about buying clothes from a brand; that brings to you runway designs at knocked down prices, the repercussions of mass consumption are far from happy. As much as we love our Zara’s and H&M’s, fast fashion is exploitative and most of their products are manufactured in sweatshops with horrible working conditions- a fact that we cannot ignore. For me, ethical fashion is about investing in classic pieces that is made by workers who enjoy their work and are not underpaid. Even if this means paying a little more and buying one product that will stay longer with you, as opposed to three cheaper ones. This is an extremely broad topic to deal with, so I will do a separate detailed post on sustainable-ethical fashion and how you can become a part of this revolution. For now, I’d encourage you to shop consciously and stop stacking up the already overflowing wardrobe with $2.99 tops, that you’re probably never going to use!

During my recent trip to India, I had the opportunity to work with Brass Tacks, an Indian boutique located in Chennai and Bangalore. My interest and passion for sustainable/ethical fashion in a way has been sparked by Brass Tacks and their brand philosophy. So I am extremely happy to collaborate with them and bring to you a sustainable Indian fashion brand, that I immensely admire as well.

Brass Tacks, a Chennai based venture, is an ethical brand that uses traditional Indian handwoven textiles and gives it a modern spin with a keen focus on quality and fit. One fine sunny afternoon in Bangalore, I had the privilege of meeting Anaka Narayanan, the woman behind Brass Tacks. When I met Anaka at her store, she was clad in a simple light green-cotton shift dress from the in-house brand. The dress was perfect for the blazing heat outside; it was light, airy and minimal. I was in awe of her simplicity and how effortlessly fashionable she looked in it; her brand is an exact reflection of that statement.

Brass Tacks boasts of  working with handwoven Indian fabrics like ikat, ajrakh, bandhani, shibori and many more. Their main focus is to employ colorful Indian fabrics/patterns/prints and blend them with western silhouettes, to create an outfit perfect for the contemporary modern woman. Brass Tacks knew that standard chart sizes may not work well with curvy Indian women, so they researched and created a chart that was more applicable. When I walked into their store, it was a riot of colors; there was everything from pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow to bright shades of orange and red. Their breezy summer collection made from colorful cool fabrics, were neatly hung one behind the other and sectioned color palette wise. Brass Tacks houses an eclectic mix of pieces like- unique boxy cut blouses, loosely fit plain summer dresses, khadi culottes & sarees, bold floral print cotton dresses, quirky cotton jumpsuits, bright crop tops and more. Anaka’s constant need to improvise and her passion for delivering the best, are one of the many reasons for her growing loyal customer base.

In this post, you can see me in one of their famous boxy cut saree blouses, that can be doubled up as crop tops. These blouses are tailored to fit a certain way as opposed to a typical body hugging saree blouse. I am a fan of this cut and love how this looked when paired with a plain cotton saree. I see myself wearing this blouse as a crop top with cotton palazzos or skirts even.

If you’re someone like me, who is fond of wearing colorful Indian fabrics tailored into western styles. Or someone who enjoys going out on a sunny day in a soft cotton dress, that is forgiving even after gorging on ice-cream sundaes, then this is the perfect place for you! I urge each of you to go and visit their aesthetically pleasing stores located in Chennai and Bangalore. Incase you cannot make it to the store, definitely make sure to check their very interesting and insightful website out.

Anaka was sweet enough to give out a discount code for my readers, so now you can take 15% off anything on the site with the code ‘SummerWithSwati‘, valid until 30th of May!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed working on it. Thanks for stopping by, have an amazing day ahead!

Photography: Vaishali Gupta

Styling & Editing: Swati Dixit

All accessories from India




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