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June 12, 2018

So, ladies and ladies please take notes because today we are going to talk about totes! Ok, I just heard that and it’s lame af but let’s just roll with it, shall we?

I think as far as I can remember, small messenger bags never really appealed to me because I carry the entire world when I travel! If you’re like me and end up overpacking every single time, then Eba Totes is the answer for you!

It’s the perfect size, it’s big enough to fit in all your essentials but also somehow controls the urge to overpack. I know that we all have our own ‘can’t survive without these’ list and that is exactly why Eba (Emmaly, Barbara, Ashley) decided to design a super functional tote that appeals to everybody from new moms to travel lovers to working professionals.

You know we all have that one dress which manages to go from day to night seamlessly- this tote is the bag version of it. You get the drift right?

A B O U T  

E B A  T O T E S  

EBA stands for Emmaly (founder), Barbara (mother) and Ashley (sister) – Emmaly decided to name her venture as EBA simply because of the positive influences her mother and sister had on her while growing up. As far as Emmaly can recall, she’s always been a nature’s child and respected how the environment took such good care of everybody.

Her family always tried to inculcate the value of living sustainably from a very young age, whether it was recycling, waste management or even growing vegetables in their backyard – they tried it all. This went on became become a part of Emmaly’s nature itself and that’s why one of the very important core values of EBA Totes is and always will be sustainability.

T H E  S T O R Y

When Emmaly began designing EBA totes, she initially focused on price and functionality. That was really why she designed the bag in the first place, because her main aim was to present a bag that was more functional than what one could find on the market. The revelation occurred only once she started doing some research on materials, and was horrified by what she found.

The more she read and saw the horrifying stories of garment factory workers being exploited in third world countries to no traceability of fabrics, she was shocked. Especially from the process of using the chrome tanning process and the toxic runoff from leather and fabric factories were a shocking eye opener.

That’s when she decided that her line of totes were not going to add to the ongoing misery of cheaply manufactured items. She wanted to make sure that she paid her workers fairly and used fabrics that didn’t harm them or the environment and designed a bag that’s sturdy enough to last for years.

T H E  P R O C E S S

The totes are handcrafted and made in USA, in order to maintain the quality/standard of the product and also monitor the process of making it closely, staying in the states for manufacturing was a must for Emmaly. Also, because Emmaly has been so passionate about nature that sustainability has always been a key focus in her life. While she worked on making the design seamless and functional she also made sure to choose fabrics that were sustainable, made or sourced, and vegan.

The faux PU (polyurethane) leather is made by Ultrafabrics, a company that highlights sustainable standards both in manufacturing and materials. They are Greenguard Certified and recycle upto 99% of their waste during manufacturing. Unlike most PVC and some PU faux leathers this does not have a hard plastic faux feel. This vegan leather is soft and buttery that feels comfortable on your body but durable enough to resist mildew, water, stains, and wear and tear.

The waterproof lining too is made from a recycled plastic, creating less energy to manufacture, and it utilizes recycled material that would otherwise be discarded to a landfill.

The line of weaved bags are a combination of 100% linen and blends. Linen is a more sustainable fabric that uses less chemicals and energy to produce. Emmaly is also very excited to use more weaved materials that are recycled and organic, making future lines feature only sustainable materials.

Emmaly’s goal is to make each new production of EBA totes more sustainable and zero waste, while highlighting new exciting materials that are innovative, sustainable, and vegan.

Who made my #Ebatote?

Emmaly has hired two amazing seamstresses who make each bag for EBA. Elizabeth is in Michigan and sews all the totes, and Megan is a Santa Barbara local who sews all the makeup and travel bags.

Source: Eba Totes

W H Y  I  L O V E  E B A  T O T E S

– Eba Totes are truly designed to be super functional and sturdy! That’s why they make for an amazing gifting option too. I mean who wouldn’t like to be gifted with a bag that literally makes life so much easier and will last for years to come? I for sure wouldn’t – friends & family can you take a hint? Psst.. Eba Totes is launching their new line with newer designs soon, so look out for that!

– The compartments/sectioning in big totes are such a blessing, because I constantly find myself digging endlessly for misplaced items and trust me it’s super frustrating!

– This tote is not only super functional but also so versatile, it can be carried to work and then to the gym and then may to a short grocery store run too! So, when I say an eba tote is big enough to fit everything (even your problems), you can blindly take my word for it.

– Also, how cool is it to have an elastic strap for a water bottle holder? I mean that feature right there is a seller for me! Normally I  hate storing water bottles in the fear of spills, but that’s where the water proof lining comes in handy!

New moms, this is the only bag you’ll need, it can be used as a diaper bag, work bag, travel bag, beach bag, gym bag and also for quick grocery store runs too.

– The straps are definitely one of the most important features, especially for a big tote like this one. I have used quite a few totes that hold everything, but when I need to carry it around for long periods of time thats when the problem begins. The straps tend to sit very uncomfortably on the shoulder causing pain or rashes. I’m sure many of you are nodding your head in agreement to this.

This happens generally because the straps are either too small in size or are made from fabrics that irritate our skin. With eba totes the straps are wide enough to distribute weight, and the vegan leather is incredibly soft – even when you have a lot of items in the bag.

– Above all these amazing features, we can’t take away from the fact that eba totes is an ethical and sustainable business lead by a female entrepreneur! Let’s try and support businesses that are committed to forward thinking fashion and make a small difference in the lives of people working for them and our planet!


This post has been sponsored by Eba Totes. All opinions here, however, are honest and my own.

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