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VEGGANI Handbags | Fashionable and Socially Conscious

August 15, 2017

As we continue to unravel the ugly hidden reality behind unethical fast fashion brands, its also equally important to acknowledge and highlight brands that truly value the people, our planet and animals. I am featuring one such brand today, read on to know more about Veggani.


Veggani Handbags, founded in 2015 in Philadelphia, USA is a trademark of Conscientious Trends, LLC. Veggani, is a socially conscious handbag brand that is 100% vegan and cruelty free– it also places equal importance to the design, style and functionality of every bag. Founder and designer, Laura de Waal’s goal in starting Veggani was to create stylish and quality handbags that are ethically made, eco friendly and animal friendly. One of their important missions also include, helping the impoverished communities and creating awareness among them. Whenever possible they also work with and support smaller factories and artisans workshops- this shows that they truly are a conscientious brand!


– Materials used to make Veggani handbags are of high quality and most of them are often recycled and repurposed- which suggests that these bags are not bad for our environment and planet. The materials used are also animal friendly (they’re a PETA approved company) and only work with vegan leather and faux fur.

– Many of Veggani handbag’s linings are made from recycled fibers such as repreve and recyctex that in-turn are made from post-industrial waste, plastic bottles and recycled fish nets! Both fibers are sustainable resources that use far lesser energy to manufacture than synthetic fibers. This clearly goes to show Veggani’s honesty and commitment to it’s mission.

– Some of the metal hardwares used by Veggani, are created by artisans in a remote village in the Xieng Khouang province in the Northern Laos. The artisans create the metal hardwares by using the recycled aluminum from the Vietnam war era bombs. Laos is the most bombed country, per capita, in the world. By working with these artisans, Veggani is helping them clear their farmlands and provide financial stability to their families.

– It’s interesting to know how Veggani has so cleverly integrated these two things, the result of which is not only benefitting our planet but also making a direct impact on uplifting these communities. By purchasing one of Veggani’s handbags you will help clear one of Laos’ littered farmland and support it’s local artisans. Read more about this here.

– Veggani has also vowed to donate 10% of sale profits from their Jackie, Malala and Susan B handbags, towards a school in this community for providing safe and cleaner environment for those children to learn. So by buying from Veggani, you’re not only making an ethical choice but also helping in supporting families that are in need of a better livelihood.

This only goes to show how one company (big or small) can actually make a difference in the lives of workers, that are a part of this overwhelming space called fashion! Companies just need to re-eveluate their values and adjust their profit margins, so that people that are at the end of the supply chain also receive the benefits.


Apart from the socially-environmentally responsible steps taken by them, one cannot take away from the fact that, Veggani’s bags are beautifully designed and made. When Veggani asked me to choose one bag from their collection, I picked Catt Lux Cork in Spring Moss.

Now that I’ve made a conscious shift to buying wisely, I mostly pick items that offer high utility value and this bag does just that for me. The bag is of perfect size (not too small or big) and so easy to carry around- with a removable cross body strap that changes easily into a handheld clutch!

It’s made of high quality vegan leather and sustainable cork with green highlights. It’s fully lined with a beautiful artist illustrated fabric that’s made from 100% recycled materials including plastic bottles. Space wise too, the bag is very smartly designed with two zipper compartments. One on the outside for things you always need quickly, like phone and keys. Another one on the inside with enough space to hold your other important items.


You can click here to buy from Veggani’s collection of handbags and don’t forget to check them out on Instagram.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found something useful to take away. Thanks for stopping by!

Photography: Nikhil Adke

Concept & Styling: Swati Dixit

This post has been sponsored by Veggani. All opinions here, however, are honest and my own.

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